Here is the Ultimate Road trip guide to the Best Safari Destinations in Uganda and Beyond

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Meet Stunning Nature with Modern Luxury alongside a couple of nights gazing our eyes at the Stars!

Do you fancy your nights in fabulous hotels and resorts or do you ever dream of an outdoor adventure but don’t want to skimp out in the luxury department?  if yes, then it’s time to experience something far odd like a well –worn path to explore Africa’s ideal untamed wildernesses on a luxury camping Safari with a mix of traditional Camping if you like!

This is the best ultimate outdoor excursion for your family to come together for, during your Uganda or East (African) summer holiday. Here we immerse our ideal meaningful holiday in pristine defined spots while enjoying your upscale glamorous Camping with amenities and comforts such as beds, electricity, and access to indoor furnishing.

"Glamorous or Traditional camping"—is for you!

Whether it’s on a luxury safari, deep in the jungle or under the desert skies, there is no better way to complete an expedition African safari experience than with an overnight stay in a luxury camping tent – Glamping grants an experiential opportunity to meet mother charming nature with modernity.

Whilst, if the traditional eco-friendly camping idea of falling asleep under the stars on the bumpy ground while enjoying mother nature or roasting beef and banana around a campfire appeals to you, then the charm of being right in the middle of the African savannah can be much memorable when Camping with our Chef who also helps with the reality of pitching a tent!

This is the best way to bring your family together again, especially if you always have a busy schedule, making it tricky to spend quality time with the kids because, with this type of setting, we completely unplug from the outside world since campsites don’t come with Wi-Fi! Thus, switching off a cellphone and embracing family time fully without the need to check emails every hour gives you the chance to unwind – We can always check our emails while on an upgrade to a glamorous camp.

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