Here is the Ultimate Road trip guide to the Best Safari Destinations in Uganda and Beyond

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Book Your Safari with Confidence

We understand how important your travel investment is and for that reason we know that being flexible is a paramount factor while booking a trip much especially during these times when there is massive marketing and every traveller is looking for one host company to trust them with their Travel Savings.

  • Lower percentage Deposits

Unlike many other travel companies, we do not charge booking fees, however out of the total amount of the confirmed package, we always make an initial instant invoice of 3o% which helps us to deposit on services in a way of confirming reservations with our service providers in order to secure all our services and this is non-refundable.

In addition to this, a full advance payment is required to secure Gorilla or Chimpanzee Permits incase a client has interest in any of the activities that require securing of tracking permits and the Gorilla and Chimpanzee Permit fees are non-refundable but we can reschedule these activities to any other chosen dates for the guest to enjoy the experiences.

  • Flexible Booking

Whilst the fast 30% deposits you make is non-refundable because it immediately goes to the service providers, we always make it possible for guests to amend their travel dates and yet we do not charge an extra for that and incase of no availability of service, say accommodation, we always choose the second best alternative or we change the routing of the package in order for the Guests to enjoy what they paid for. Thus, if one needs to change the booking to any months/year near/far, we will still be in position to carry the deposit forward as well your deposits can be transferrable to a friend or family. Also, if the booking was made in the low season months, the reschedule Must be made to the next low season month to avoid extra fees which may be required for the high/peak season.

  • Flexible Final Balances

Our 70% final invoice will be sent within 45 days to the commencement of the trip but in case of any speculations of any uncertainties, then we can delay to 30 days prior to departure. However, if we still feel that we cannot run a trip in a safe and enjoyable manner during that particular time, we will always inform our guests to amend Travel Dates.

  • Cancellation By our Guest

We strongly recommend you take out sufficient comprehensive insurance cover to cover you if, having paid your final balance, you should need to cancel prior to departure because of Covid-19. We will then support you as best we can with any insurance claim. If you are not able to make a successful claim on your insurance, our standard booking/cancellation conditions will apply. However, for an unforeseen Circumstances before arrival, Giant Gorilla Safaris Reserves the right to advise and adjust the Tour Schedule, itinerary for the best of the Client and the Company – therefore all changes are advised and adjusted as early as possible for early communication and understanding of the Client.

However, once the trip has commenced, Giant Gorilla Safaris is obliged to inform and advise a Client incase of any unusual Conditions (Bad weather, Road Closures, emergencies in National Parks and areas of Touristic attention, emergencies at the Hotels/Lodges and security related emergencies) that may hinder or slow any particular safari Operation or arrangement, we always regret inconveniences and take a quick step to arrange and advise on the alternative in case a client is flexible

Furthermore, all cancellation requests made by clients whose Safaris have been reserved/Confirmed by receipt of Giant Gorilla Safaris and its service providers must be made in written bearing in mind that all Safari cancellations are prone to cancellation Charges which are within the particular Program and this is prone to the 70% balance of each trip since 30% initial deposit and the Tracking Permits fees (Gorillas & Chimpanzees) are already non-refundable.

Therefore, the cancellation charges will only apply if the Guest(s) has paid 100% price though the charge will be levied on the 70% final deposit on a particular program and then the following Safari Cancellation Charges may apply, attracting the following cancellation percentage charges on particular programs as below.

Number of Days to the Commence of the Trip Percentage Cancellation Charges Apply on 70% Deposit
·         Days Before 45 Days to the commence of the Trip 15% fees will be charged by Giant Gorilla Safaris
·         Days Between 45 – 30 Days to the Arrival Date 30% fees will be charged by Giant Gorilla Safaris
·         Days Between 30 – 20 Days to the Arrival Date 50% fee will be Charged by Giant Gorilla Safaris
·         Days Between 20-10 Days to the Arrival Date 80% fee will be charged by Giant Gorilla Safaris
·         Days Between 10 -0 Days to arrival Date 100% fee charge will Apply  – thus there will be no Refunds


Nevertheless, Giant Gorilla Safaris and its Service Providers will not be in position to make any refunds on any unused services/packages or late arrival/no show up of any member of the Tour and Giant Gorilla Safaris cannot accept liability or pay compensation for unforeseen circumstances beyond the control of the company or its team, including flight delays/cancellations or force majeure such as war or threat of war, riots, civil disturbances, terrorist acts, border closure, acts of government or other authorities, strikes, thefts, epidemics, road closures, industrial disputes, natural or nuclear disaster, extreme weather conditions, fire, technical and/or mechanical problems to transport and all similar events beyond its Control.


  • Our Commitment

As a small growing Destination Management company, we will always try to understand your needs as a guest, work towards your expectations, act with integrity, reason with you, provide knowledge on each product, be flexible, understand you thus we will ensure your satisfaction beyond with our service delivery.

Furthermore, due to Our Great focus on Visitor Satisfaction, we do appreciate if our clients informed us about their special individual preferences or requirements such as Diet, medical attention, disability among others. We will be grateful to read about your details as we shall help you reach HELP if we are able to provide before your Safari Confirmation.

Thus, Our Entire Team shall try to provide our services beyond your expectations of each program, however, suggestions and advice from you our esteemed clients is very vital because your indulgence/Participation in giving ideas improves our service Quality.

  • We stop your stress

We are a one stop safari and events shop with fully fledged services – Transportation, Accommodation bookings, Airport Transfers, Restaurant Meals, Safari Vehicle with Fuel, driver and guiding services as well as services from independent private and Government suppliers for safaris and events. All Prices quoted are inclusive as per the Particular Itinerary or program activities and services that may Include All Accommodation reserved, Transport system, entrance fees, Ranger fees, Guide allowances, sightseeing, All Meals as per the Itinerary, safe Bottled water, Airport Transfers and Ground Transportations, Tracking Permits as per the Itinerary as well as Trip Coordination fees.

Costs Excluded on the Trip normally are international Air tickets, international Visa Fees, Tips and gratitude for site Guides and driver guides, Passport Fees, Personal Insurance fees, all drinks other than water provided in the Vehicle and a few beverages, Souvenir, Laundry and all those items not allocated fees on the particular itinerary. However we can extend a hand to provide some services in their reach and allocate a fee if it is on the Client Request.

  • Accessible Holidays requirements during Booking

While in Uganda, all categories of our guests expect to meet a happy and helpful team  which is approachable, energetic, interactive, loving, knowledgeable, and transparent among others thus while our Guests make an inquiry and final booking with us, Giant Gorilla Safaris will always collect personal information such as, if one is still under medication, if one is moving with a relative/family or helper, dietary requirements,  if one is celebrating a special day because we need to spice up your stay with us, if one is able to stay up moving for long distances given our rural road set up and distances in between destination or if we can Fly to reduce time and fatigue among others

  • Reliable information

All Itineraries designed and Information provided to the Clients is out of latest findings from research. Therefore, Giant Gorilla Safaris cannot or will not be responsible for any added information or duplications from third parties. In the similar way, Personal Information from individual Client is always required (Full Names as they appear on the passport, Nationality, Date of Birth &Passport number); in case a Client’s Itinerary is inclusive of Domestic Flight bookings, Gorilla and Chimpanzee Permits bookings.

  • Availability of Services

All our services are packaged based on availability and are all not guaranteed to any client till they are reserved and confirmed through deposit or full payments. Hence it is very important to make advance payments on your reserved planned Trip as we have limited capacity in National Parks and Areas of Touristic attention in Terms of Lodge/Hotel reservations, tracking permits as well as other services and products which are competitively selected in the Tourism Industry.

On the other hand, our team will be able to amend your reservations or make adjustments/upgrades on your Safari Trip upon your request and availability of products and services – here, a confirmation will be made accordingly, however Giant Gorilla Safaris reserves full rights to charge an amendment fee incase a Client’s adjustment affects the actual cost of the Trip – the fee will always be supplemented to the final total invoice. 

Furthermore, Whilst the tracking permits and entrance fees to the Natural habitats give full rights to encounter and see animals/birds you are interested in and paid for, however due to our wide typical untamed wildernesses with varied vegetation cover and vast dramatic topography, we cannot guarantee seeing all animals, hence patience is very important to help you come across your dream while in the Wild.

Whilst the above, Giant Gorilla Safaris Reserves the right to contract a new staff to execute a particular trip or supply a particular services in case the preferred service provider by the client is unavailable due to different circumstances (Sickness, on another Trip, dismissed by management due to unbecoming behaviour or any other)

  • Guests can customise their Trips

Each guest(s) is in full right to Customize his/her/their itinerary and prices will be quoted and confirmed to them/him/her, however it’s important to Note that prices quoted are subject to change without notice due to fluctuation in currency rates and therefore they are not Guaranteed till Confirmed in Writing. Hence Giant Gorilla Safaris Reserves all rights to adjust prices for any tour element incase fluctuations arise though our team will make its utmost effort to minimize any rise in prices.

  • Our Guests are fully Briefed to take Precautions

With Africa’s wild untamed natural habitats, every person on board is expected to control his/her movements while in the Wild hence as clients arrive for their memorable safari, we normally advise them to take safety precautions as well listen to the guides instructions – thus having followed all the guidelines of the guide, we all believe that your Safari will be safe and memorable for a life time.

  • You’re Accommodation

Because we believe in absolute comfort, all our handpicked Accommodation is based on a Single occupancy or supplement  and Double/Twin bedded room/tented /banda/family rooms/cottages with private Balcony and washrooms in midmarket or upscale facilities depending on affordability and availability, However all accommodation units are occupied on availability and confirmation with payments. Suggested Reservations of Lodges/Hotels depend on a type of Safari or Client’s affordability for a Tour package thus a guest can always let us know which type of accommodation preference, he/she/they may require.


  • Mode of Transport

The Mode of Transport for a Particular Trip depends on the Itinerary specifications and number of Clients on board, however we make utmost efforts to provide Safari Road worth Transport system that can best suit our Roads though with our rural Poor road setup we may not guarantee a smooth Travel to different destination as you may experience tyre puncture, breakdown, and damage or delay which calls for every ones patience and understanding in order to enjoy the Trip. On the other hand, for longer destinations, we always recommend our clients to fly so that they are able to enjoy all their experiences in a shortest period yet successfully.

  • Knowledgeable Team

All our Field staffs (Driver guides) are well trained with good skills and experienced in the Industry, they have good Knowledge of key destinations allocated for Particular Trips as they make the best efforts to research about a particular product and activity of a destination and as well they speak a good number of international languages with a priority of English. They ensure excellent Customer care and personalized attention to our esteemed clients – We too have a team of office Trip Coordinators that are responsible for monitoring the smooth running of each Trip, Our Coordination staff is obliged to collect and analyse reports from particular trips together with Our Driver guides, However Our Clients have full rights to give report about their Guides in Verbal Or written report on the Provided assessment sheet since it is our Pleasure to serve and build good future relationship with our clients.

  • Discontinue/Termination of the Itinerary by Us

Giant Gorilla Safaris has a Right to discontinue any client from participating in tour if, our Management or any other person in authority has a questioned opinion on the person concerned due to behaviour that may likely to cause danger, hazard or inconvenience to any third party, damage to property or to environments and ecosystems. No refunds will be made by Giant Gorilla Safaris in this case.

  • Complaints

All Complaints must be reported directly through direct email to Giant Gorilla Safaris: info@giantgorillasafaris.com or host@giantgorillasafaris.com or nhellen.opige@giantgorillasafaris.com  or through a Provided Client Trip assessment sheet by Management or Verbally through interaction between the Client and the Management after the Trip. However, Complaints must be known to the Managements not Later the 15days after the Trip Completion. Complaints about Our Service Providers will be notified to them as soon as a Client comes up with any.

Giant Gorilla Safaris will make its utmost effort to provide services as per package; however it is important to note that the Company and Its Management are not in Control of any Provision of Services by suppliers though our suppliers are chosen with utmost research by our Marketing Team together with the Management. On the other hand, The Company shall not be liable to any loss, damage or injury of nature (Person or Property of the Client)

  • Our Travel Partners/Agents

It is the responsibility of the travel agency/wholesaler to ensure that all members of the tour have the appropriate passports, visas, travel permits, health certificates and other documentation required for the safari. However, it is the responsibility of the clients to take proper medical and practical precautions in regard to health and safety. Medical advice should be sought well before travelling.

Thus, All Clients are obligated to obtain comprehensive travel insurance before coming to Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania. However Giant Gorilla Safaris will do its best help the client reach medical attention in case of any emergency while on the safari with us and all Medical Costs will be covered by the Client or the Client’s Family/friends/travel partner

  • Financial Security

We have an account in Stanbic Bank of Uganda where Clients money is given full protection under Customer deposit Protection Fund and yet our Bank Operates under the central Bank of Uganda to ensure full protection of your Payments.

  • Certified Membership with Association of Uganda Tour Operators

We are a member of the Association of Uganda Tour Operators and licenced by Uganda Tourism Board. Also, our work is recommended by a number of organisations/persons/companies or bodies which are local and at international level thus all your bookings and investments are secure (find out who recommends our good work on our homepage)

However, the respective laws of the country govern Giant Gorilla Safaris liability to passengers carried in its own vehicles. All claims are subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of the country in which the cause of action arises.

Note: Should there be any questions regarding any of Our Terms and Conditions that may require our attention, kindly do not hesitate to Contact us as it is a pleasure to continue serving you.

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